Mapheim is launching the first public version


Illustration of Mapheim launching from Norway to the whole world

We're introducing the map Drag&Drop editor

Since the end of last year, we have been working with many of you, our customers, to deliver the best and easiest tool for creating interactive maps. Today, we are entering the next stage where we are opening our Drag & Drop editor to the public for everyone to use, so you can create interactive maps quickly and easily too. This is just the beginning, and we will keep you informed about new features on our Mapheim Blog.

Create maps free and without registration

We wanted to make it as easy as possible to start creating. We didn’t want to place any obstacles in front of you, so you don’t need a credit card or even need to register to begin. But be careful, once you start crafting your map, we recommend registering so you don't lose your progress. Once you register, the map you have been creating will be linked to your newly created account. And when your map becomes more popular, you can activate your subscription, starting at $14. Check more info on our Pricing page.

Try it and let us know, what you think

Visit and try creating your first map. If you have any feedback, questions, thoughts, or comments, we will be thrilled to receive them. You can get in touch using numerous options. Use the Live Chat in the bottom right corner or check our team and their contact info on the map below – an interactive map I created for this article, showing our team and where we're from. A truly international team, isn't it?

What will be the first interactive map that you create with Mapheim?

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